Saturday, February 28, 2009

Elevate Your Mental

-excerpt from the book "Urban Soul Warrior"

Your experience is unique to you. Your understanding and the way you perceive things, no matter what they are, will be different from everyone else’s, simply because of your unique, individual experience. The thoughts that come to your mind first move through the tons of information that you’ve gathered as you’ve lived your life.Your DNA is encoded with genetic information and, some say, memories of past lives. Everything that you have experienced is filed away somewhere in the subconscious mind, whether you remember it or not.

When you have a thought or experience, your mind references it against your past thoughts and experiences. This produces an automatic response system from which life is created on autopilot; everything is based on past occurrences, shaping your present moment from your personal history. This is why many people feel stuck; stuck (did I say stuck) in their job, relationship, or attitude. This automatic response system can work in your favor when your thought process is referencing loving and empowering thoughts and memories. Later chapters feature exercises to retrain your thinking patterns.
Who and where you are right now in this exact moment is a product of your past thoughts, feelings, and actions. What you experience in the next moment, tomorrow, and next year, will be a product of how you are feeling, what you are thinking, and what action you are taking right now. Being aware means being conscious of your present moment, realizing that right now you are creating your current reality, and that of the next moment.
The lives we are living are reflections of whatever we think about most, as well as our deeply held beliefs. The majority of people are unconscious about this connection between our thoughts and our realities. When we are unconscious of our thought processes and belief systems we oftencreate unhappy scenarios or lives. It is important to really understand that like it or not, you are responsible for your life. This one point is the hardest for many of us to
accept. Our society promotes victim consciousness (this is why lawyers get paid so much), which creates an environment of blame where no one is responsible for his or her own life or conditions.
Crazy and sometimes terrible things happen that we cannot control, but you have a choice about how you will react to them, and how you will let them affect you. Mourn the things that must be
mourned, and then release. Take a moment right now to gauge your feelings and reaction to what you just read. Notice if you are feeling resistance or anger to the idea that we are responsible for our situations. If so, this is your ego talking. If you choose to take responsibility
for your life your ego will no longer be able to identify itself as a victim. The ego loves being a victim because it gets so much attention from others, which feeds it. People who believe themselves to be victims also complain a lot. Complaining usually makes one person or group the bad guy, and the complainer the victim. This attitude makes it hard to break through mental boundaries that keep you in stuck mode. Blaming others or society for the way your life is creates mental chaos. If there is chaos in the mind, there is likely to be chaos of some form in your life. This is a disempowering way to live. And as long as a person chooses to see themself as a victim of their experience or environment, they will likely be unable to consciously create
their reality. This is not to say that you need to blame yourself for the unhappy things that have happened to you; this is not about who is to blame for what has happened in the past. Blame creates guilt, which is a very heavy and often unhealthy emotion. The past is gone, let it lie. Decide, here and now, to take responsibility for your life.
It’s time to consciously take on the proper thought patterns to balance our lives. We all deserve to live, love, and flourish. We can become no better than the thoughts we have, and the actions we take. Allow yourselves to have divine, compassionate, and abundant thoughts. These powerful thought vibrations couldn’t help but manifest blessed states of being into your/our waking reality. Learning to shift your awareness to accepting that you are the creator of your life is the first step to understanding and using your great power. Soul Warriors accept, embrace, and live from the perspective that they are responsible for and have the power to create their reality. Rather than seeing this as a depressing or limiting idea, you can use it to discover a deep power and freedom within.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Xaxa Whispers...

So light on her feet. When she skipped through the forest, she barely seemed to touch the ground. It was rumored, even amongst her people, that she was descended from pixies. She was small, smaller than most in her tribe. Her eyes turned slightly up in the corners, and were light brown, with tiny flecks of jade green. The members of her tribe had never before seen eyes this color, and it just added to her mystery. She had jet black hair that fell in loose ringlets down the middle of her back, which today, she skillfully swept out of her face with opalescent feathers of blue and green. Her people called her Xaxa, (pronounced Sha-sha), because she was free and fierce like the wind. The wind went everywhere, and talked to everything, it knew all of natures secrets. So did Xaxa.

Her people had been moving south along the coast for six moons. They would find an uninhabited patch of land, and stay for many days. Inevitably, after they had begun to get accustomed to the area, Xaxa would come flitting out of the forest with the news, it was time again to travel.

Although Xaxa was very young, the Elders of the clan trusted her completely. She had always had a magic about her. Her mother had become worried when, days after her birth, she still hadn't uttered a sound. Then one morning, as the sun began to glitter on the horizon, she began imitating the twittering of a bird that was sitting on the branch that extended over her head.
The Elders took notice, and immediately began including her in the daily rituals to honor the Sun, the Moon and the Earth Mother. Although she was just a baby, she always fell quiet when these rituals began, as if she understood a need for reverence.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

dissovling the i

Realizing now, with a palatable presence in my own me, that the other feeling-ness is the release. I get cranky when I feel out of connection with my I, mad that I am not more conscious, not more aware, that I still feel heavy and disconnected, and shouldn't I, by now, be thru this part? Shouldn't I be more mindful and peaceful and productive, more abundant? Less heavy with both mentation and physical weight?

But it is this that is the release. It is this grumpy, saltyness at myself, my experience, that I am to be grateful for, it is this process of feeling the funk that allows for the release of the junk in the trunk.

I can chose to be irritated or instead be gentle with my I, nurturing instead of silently judging my barely perceptible progress. Drop my consciousness into my heart, and let go of what I am so sure that I know.