Monday, August 31, 2009

Now is the Time!

I have been reading some powerful information on goal setting and how it relates to happiness. Goal setting is an actionable way to manifest both tangible and larger than life goals. Setting goals that may now seem unrealistic can be broken down into smaller goals. As these smaller yet essential tasks and endeavors are accomplished a sense of power is awakened.

Goals are intentions. Be specific about the goal, and create measurable outcomes along the way. As these smaller, yet essential tasks and endeavors are accomplished a sense of power is awakened. The connection with the Universe becomes apparent as opportunities relating to your goals/intentions make themselves available. By merely having a focus point, things line up for you to experience a journey that was created especially for you, by you.

Measurable indicators are imperative, they are the markers that remind us to celebrate ourselves, they remind us to feel the grace of gratitude. This is the real jewel of the goal/ intention setting process. We have all hear the saying" Its not the goal it's the journey." By setting goals and intentions and pausing to celebrate the baby steps, we awaken a more constant state of consciousness.

Include life lists, writing exercises you contribute to on a regular basis. Things like a list of accomplishments today and before. Something as simple as shopping for groceries can feel like an accomplishment after a long day of housework, or a hectic at the office. Look at your big and small accomplishments and celebrate with a smile or lingering sense of joy or appreciation, and you may also notice many of these things are directly related to you goals intentions.

The following is a goal worksheet (paraphrased) from the book "Creating Your Best Life."

What is your goal?

Is the goal:
specific? measurable? challenging? approachable?

What are the steps, or smaller goals that are neede to accomplish the goal?

How can I celebrate/ acknowledge small and large successes.

Take a moment to really identify the things that are important to you, what is it that you really want to do with your life?

Blessings on your inner journey... ~ Lalania

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