Monday, January 12, 2009

In everything??

"Is God a boy?" my 4 year old daughter asked me?

Darn that day-care center, I thought. Though, I really did love the center, and the woman who took care of mine and many other children. My daughter stopped going there over 2 years ago, when she entered school. But her mind was fertile soil for the religious seeds that were seemingly planted there.
I know it's my fault too, I can't seem to deny her the "Veggie Tales" videos that she picks out when we go to the library.

"Not really, God isn't just a boy. God is really everything. All things have God in them." I respond.

"Uh-uh" she says, "God is a boy, a baby, named Jesus"

"That is just one story of God. God is everywhere, in all things, all the time."

"So, is God my bed?"

"Yes, your bed, your food, your friends and family, everything!" I say, hoping I am getting thru to her.

" Everything? Even poop?"

Aw, man...leave it to a child.

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