Saturday, January 10, 2009

...shadows on the inside

Someone very dear to me just told me about the disturbing dreams she had been having over the past few nights. She remembers feeling tremendous shame in one, and being afraid of evil in another.

" This is wonderful!" I told her. I know it sounds crazy, but its true.

When we feel sad, or are having scary, fearful, thoughts, or dreams, or if we are feeling depressed or deeply frustrated, guilty or ashamed, we are being given a wonderful opportunity to integrate. The disturbing dreams are the shadows revealing themselves, so that they may be attended to, acknowledged, and ultimately loved. These darker emotions only become toxic when they become imprisoned in our bodies and psyches. They don't want to be stuck in us anymore than we want them to be stuck in us. But ignoring them doesn't make them go away. Ignoring the shadows actually makes them grow, they will do what they can to get our attention, which can often lead to an explosion, nervous breakdown, or other uncontrollable emotional blowout.

When we notice an uncomfortable emotion, feeling, thought or dream making itself known, we have a chance to become aware of ourself as a whole being. Allow yourself to feel the shame, or guilt. Say I love you, to the part of yourself that feels this way. It is a part of yourself that doesn't believe its worthy of love.

These feelings are coming up more and more as we move through this spiritual evolution that we have all come here to witness. Yes, allow them. When you look at these feelings as an opportunity to understand wholeness, they will have, less if any power over you. They will become your tool, your mirror to meet your divine and infinite self.

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